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ICE Light

A versatile handheld, dual-color LED light. 17 LED's electronically rotate or illuminate constantly to show the presence of law enforcement, first responders, and roadway personnel up to a mile away at night. Can be belt worn, handheld, or mounted on a traffic cone (with optional traffic cone adapter). Available in 7 different color combinations for various applications. Other models include Infrared; for signaling and room illumination by SWAT and SRT teams, and Ultraviolet; for document authentication.


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Available in several dual color combinations - for numerous applications - Law Enforcement, EMS, Traffic/Parking Control, Construction/Utility, Marine Patrol, Campers, Hikers, Water Sports, etc. Can be seen up to a mile away at night. Each model has three user selectable light patterns which include dual color flashing and constant illumination modes. Other models include; *INFRA RED; for signaling & room illumination for S.W.A.T. & C.E.R.T. Teams, and *ULTRAVIOLET; for Document Authentication

Models Available

RED / BLUE ICE (Model #CL-1201B) - flashes Red & Blue (Restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel Only)
AMBER / BLUE ICE (Model #CL-1203AB) - flashes Amber & Blue (Restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel Only)
BLUE / WHITE ICE (Model #CL-1206BW) - flashes Blue & WHITE (Restricted to Law Enforcement Personnel Only)

Ideal for nighttime traffic stops (officer safety)

• D.U.I. check points
• Down traffic signal traffic control
• Police bike patrol
• Tactical operations; personnel indicators
• Special events traffic control & parking
• School crossing
• Accident traffic management
• K-9 harness beacon for nighttime training
• Dignitar
• motorcade markers
• Police motorcycle marker
• Low level light source, prevent night blindness when viewing license & registration

*(approx. times on a single battery: Based on model; 24 to 16 hrs. in flash mode, 14 to 3 hrs. in various constant “ON” modes.)

RED / WHITE ICE (Model #CL-1205W) - flashes Red & WHITE
RED / GREEN ICE (Model #CL-1301G) - flashes Red & GREEN
GREEN / WHITE ICE (Model #CL-1302GW) - flashes GREEN & WHITE

• Paramedics, Fire Rescue, stranded motorist or truck driver
• Safely mark at night: medical air lift landing areas
• Safety marker to indicate accident locations and traffic redirection
• Use with optional traffic cone adapter to give high visibility to perimeters around accidents
• Water Buoyant Beacon
• Emergency Beacon for; Hunters, Joggers, Hikers, Camping, Marine industry, Skiers, etc.
*(approx. times on a single battery: Based on model; 24 to 16 hrs. in flash mode, 14 to 3 hrs. in various constant “ON” modes.)

AMBER / WHITE ICE (Model #CL-1207A) - flashes Amber & WHITE

• Truckers checking their Rigs, Tow Truck Personnel, Parcel Delivery Personnel, Roadside Construction Crews, Airport Tarmac Personnel
• Used for directing traffic; School crossing guards, Construction Sites, down traffic signal
• Use to indicate down power lines and utility cables or other dangerous conditions
• When mounted on a traffic cone with optional adapter it can be used to setup a visual perimeter around work crews or vehicles
*(approx. operating time on a single battery: 16 hours in flash mode, 14 hours constant white mode, 2 hours constant amber mode)

Special INFRA RED version (Model # CL-1209i)

For use with night vision equipment. Features: Two lighting patterns. Constant “ON” for Swat & SRT teams for room illumination, and flash mode for landing sites or signaling.
*(approx. operating time on a single battery: 4 hours)

Options Available

ULTRAVIOLET (- UV) This option can be ordered on any model (except Infrared) and can be used to authenticate documents such as drivers licenses, passports, currency, credit cards, or any documents which contain florescent inks which are illuminated by an Ultraviolet light source. Applications also include theme parks, night clubs, sporting events etc.., to verify UV inks used on hand stamps for reentry.


TRAFFIC CONE ADAPTER (Model #TE-300C) for attaching the ICE Light to a traffic cone.
Each Model Features:
• Alternating high intensity colored LED’s in a 3601 pattern
• Three user selectable lighting modes; 1st mode - dual flashing colors; 2nd & 3rd modes: each color is selected individually for “constant on” illumination
• Length: 7.9 inches long
• Weight: 6.6 ounces
• Visual indicator forlow battery
• High impact ABS case sealed with water tight gaskets
• Includes: Lanyard, Belt Holster, 9V Alkaline Battery and Vehicle Mounting Kit
• 2 year manufacturers warranty (USA only)
• Protected by US Design Patent No. D410,399

Ultraviolet Mode (Model CL-120**-UV) Can be added to any ICE Light model. (Except for INFRA Red)
Can be used to authenticate documents such as driver's licenses, passports, currency, credit cards, or any documents which contain fluorescent inks which are illuminated by an ultraviolet light source. Can be used at sporting events, clubs, theme parks, etc. where ultraviolet ink is used to verify reentry.

Traffic Cone Adapter (Model #TE-300C)
Can be used to attach an ICE Light to the top of any standard size traffic cone.

More Information

If you would like more information on ICE Light: and the available models, you can contact our Sales Department or download a Brochure here. Requires Adobe Acrobat reader to view

If you would like to purchase an ICE Light: Please contact our Sales Department. (Also contact the Sales Department for Quantity or Dealer pricing)

If you would like to see an application chart for ICE Light: You can see an Application Chart for ICE Light here.

Torfino Enterprises, Inc. has tested and approved rechargeable batteries and chargers from I-Power for use in the METAL-TEC and ICE Light products.  Although our products have been designed to use a standard disposable 9V alkaline battery, when rechargeable batteries are required we have found the I-Power Lithium polymer battery offers the maximum run time on a single charge and is far superior to anything else that is currenty available.  For more information regarding our findings on rechargeable batteries please click here for our full report or click here to obtain iPower Batteries.


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